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About me.

I am Bobby.

I love being outside. I love to run, ride, hike, walk, camp, and eat outside. Because I live in Phoenix, Arizona, I can be outside all year long. If it's too hot in the valley, I just pack up and head to the high country. I love the ocean too, so occasionally I head to California for some beach time. I lived on an island in the Indian Ocean for 5 years where I learned to windsurf, surf and dive. I am still trying to decide which I like better - a beach / ocean sunset or a desert sunset. They are both beautiful and captivation. I probably have 10,000 sunset photos because I think every one of them is better than the last.

I love bringing people along in my journey. Fortunately my wife and kids love being outside with me. You will get to meet them in the blogs. I put my faith in Jesus who often reminded his followers to love God first and love people second. I love to tell stories of my relationship with God and how He continually transforms my heart. 

I am blessed for sure. My hope is that this blog will remind me of the blessings and if you desire to join me in my journey, I hope the stories here make you laugh, bring you peace and inspire you to slow down, look around and enjoy God's blessings.

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