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Good Day!

Man it feels good to put “good day” as the title of this blog. As you know the last 10 days or so have been a real drag. If I was not out of my mind with fever, I was sitting by the toilet (Ill spare you the details here) or I was crying. Yeah, I know some of you are shocked, me crying but that many days of fever will really mess with you. If it wasnt for Angie and her amazing strength, I would have been on a plane home to the USA. So those of you who wish we were there, it is Angie’s fault that we are still here and those of you who want us here, it is Angie’s doing that we are still here. Today, I am glad we are here.

Braden and I downloaded a new computer game – he has been begging me for it for over a month. We downloaded Roller Coaster Tycoon. It is a computer game where you build your own roller coaster theme park. He and I messed with it for a couple of hours this morning. It was so much fun playing with him. We build this great park and made several thousand in the first year the park was open. I am not sure why I am telling you this…. but after the game, Angie wanted to go to the main island. She says shopping always makes her feel better when she has been sick. I told her, ”Spending money doesn’t make me feel good.“ She told me to try it, so off we went. We had to buy some pillows and some towels. Fortunately I was feeling better before we ever got to the main island. Braden and I sat outside the shop waiting for Angie and Kyndal to get done shopping. They finally came out of this fancy store and we headed back home. We got home just before the rain came.

I went to the airport to pick up my friends tonight. I was kind of freaked out when the flight they told me they would be on was not there. I thought, ”Great! my first tourists and I screwed it up.“ Well it turns out they booked the wrong flight and are not coming until Thursday. So I didn’t mess up and will see them on Thursday. This works out pretty good as it will give us a few more days to get into our new flat (not ready yet). Hopefully we can move in on Wednesday.

Just so you know, all is well. Everybody is healthily and we feel like we are getting back in the saddle. Thanks for all your prayers. Pray that we will stay healthy and the homesickness will stay far away. We love you all.



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