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Home Sweet Home… Where is that?

Well we are back in San Angelo. Is it home sweet home? We dont know. We feel caught between worlds. Where do we belong? Things feel so normal and foreign as the same time. Anywho we are back in San Angelo. Let me recap the past few days for you… Braden went to New Mexico with my mom and dad for a few days. Kyndal went to Brownwood to stay with Angie’s parents for a few days. Angie and I went to San Antonio to celebrate 15 years of marriage… more on 15 years of marriage later. Our actual anniversary date is July 31.

On Sunday, we all met up again in New Braunfels (near San Antonio) for a quick family reunion with Angie’s side of the family. Angie’s parents met up with my parents and collected Braden. So our kids joined us at the end of our get-away. We surprised the kids and took them to Schlitterbahn (a huge water park) the next day. It was a lot of fun.

We spent one more night in San Antonio as a family and went to the Alamo an saw some different sites.

We left the good camera at home and decided to take our compact camera so we could keep it in our pocket… only we forgot to charge the battery before we left. ugh. I used my phone camera and got some pretty good pics.. hope you like em.

I went jogging a couple of mornings and decided to take my phone to be safe. I decided to take a few photos along the way. Check it out. It was so much fun because I combined my two favorite hobbies…

The other album is just some random photos for our friends in the islands. It’s mostly Angie with landmarks in San Antonio… she was the pretties thing there.

The best quote of the trip was from Kyndal. We took a riverboat tour at about 11 AM this morning. The sun was over the buildings and it was hot and humid. The tour guide told us it would be a 30 minute tour. They packed us in like sardines and off we went. It was hot, long and uncomfortable. Where is the comment card… ha ha? Anyway, when we got off the boat, Kyndal leaned over to Angie and said, “That seemed a lot longer than 30 minutes… if felt more like a half-hour ride.” She still doesn’t know why its so funny, but I am sure it will become a family favorite quote for the rest of our lives. Good times.



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