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Anticipating feelings of isolation during Sabbatical, I bought Shelly Trebesch’s book Isolation: A Place of Transformation in the Life of A Leader. Im only halfway through the book but I just had to share an insight I found.

She examines periods of isolation in Joseph, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and Paul. Some seasons of isolation are voluntary, others are not. Some are periods of refining if the individual and some are for others’ benefit (Jesus). Regardless, God never left anyone in isolation and used every opportunity.

WhIke there are many good nuggets in this book, I felt like the section on Inward Transformation spoke directly to me… especially in light of my first Sabbatical post regarding my concerns. I actually used the word “perform” to describe my actions and a chief concern about Sabbatical. Take a look at this summary from Trebesch’s book:

Humility is what I desire. God is already meeting with me and whispering his desires for transformation.


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