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Look What We Bought for Forty Baht.

Bangkok is great. It took us a little time to get it figured out. Some people speak English, but most of them speak Thai-English, which means they cannot understand me and I cannot understand them. All the street signs are in Thai and nobody knew which way was north. We stayed near the airport, and our cab driver was the best English speaker. He took us to several places to look at furniture, shop and eat. His name is Joy.

We saw the Kings palace. We went down to China Town and bought our furniture. We will plan to ship the furniture home when we come back through Bangkok on our way home.

We rode in a tuk-tuk (a go-cart on steroids) in the shopping district alongside the other 10 million people that live here. The currency is called a Baht and the US dollar is worth 40 Baht. We went to the largest mall in Thailand. It was 7 floors of vender after vendor selling clothes from 40 baht to 250 baht. We got some great deals, it was crazy. Braden and I sat in the coffee shop and waited on Angie and Kyndal for quite some time.

It began raining and the place looked like somebody kicked an anthill. People were going everywhere. I was trying to get us a tuk-tuk to go to the sky-train and nearly ran into an elephant. I’m not kidding, it was a huge grayish black elephant in downtown Bangkok. I’ve now seen it all. People on this side of the planet call this place “Disney World for shoppers.” I felt like I was at a huge garage sale with all new stuff. I could afford everything…. stuff was so cheap.

Tomorrow we will get on a plane bound for Chang Mai. We are enjoying the cool hotel room, the warm showers, and McDonalds. Who would of thought? We even enjoyed the Thai food in the food court in the mall. It was interesting. You pay for a card, then you can go to about 30 different food stations…depending on the way you want your rice and meat prepared. All together, our family ate a meal, had Pepsi, and a dessert for under $10.

We will keep you posted and try to post some pics when we can.



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