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It seems like things are getting back to normal. The sickness has left our house and things are relatively quiet. Angie is having some allergy issues and has some congestion but other than that we are all healthy.

Unfortunately our language school has yet to receive permission to begin. This is both good and bad. Had we received the permission and started on schedule, the title of this blog would not be “Normal.” We know why the school has not received permission and are working on a new application with the government. We feel confident it will happen in time and we are really quite happy with the delay… we needed the break. When I say break, I don't mean that we are sitting around not doing anything. I just mean we don't have more than we can handle right now.

Braden is still out of school on break. Angie and Kyndal are still doing homeschool. You can imagine how Kyndal feels about this. We keep explaining to Kyndal that she started later and we have to keep going with her school in order to finish but she is in the “that's not fair” stage. Even tonight as I told the kids that they had to do the dishes and give mom a break. Kyndal said, “Dad, why don't you do the dishes? I had plans tonight.” I replied, “Because I told you to do the dishes.” And she responded…”That's not fair.” Whoever told kids that things were fair? It seems like it is some rule that is in every kids mind and they are the self appointed sheriff. The weather is nice here too. We have had some really beautiful days recently. It has rained a little, but only scattered showers to cool things off.

Welp, I guess that is it for now.



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