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Paver Project

Dirt, dust and more dirt. Just outside our back patio was this space where no grass would grow. Marley loved this place because every time I would leave her outside alone, she would role around in the dirt... which would inevitably lead to her getting a bath. The slightest breeze would cause dirt, leaves and trash to accumulate on the back patio. Something had to be done.

The first thing I did was to buy a sun shade. The sun shade is amazing. It lowered the temperature in that area at least 10 degrees. I thought about putting a in a putting green, but I don't play golf. One of my friends suggested I put in a fish pond, but that seemed like a lot of work upfront and ongoing. I kept my grill on the sidewalk beside the dirt spot and it just seemed like it was always in the way. My solution... pavers.

It took two trips to Home Depot in my truck to carry all of the pavers and sand I needed for the project. It took two days to dig out the whole area about 2 inches deep. I took the topsoil and spread it in my backyard to help level the yard. I put some black plastic down and the covered the plastic with sand. I was surprised at how square the area was. The pavers fit almost perfectly.

It was a fun project and well worth it. It cost me about $300 to do it all myself. Put this little video together of the project set to the Home Depot music. Watch it on Instagram.


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