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I think I made some progress on our business today. I sat in an office waiting on a brief meeting. They were not expecting me and it seemed that either they were never in their office or always with someone else. I finally sat them out and waited (which if you know me, I am not very good at sitting and waiting, but I am persistent.) I am getting better at waiting and being patient. I will submit a letter tomorrow to the appropriate office and off we go.

To get to our flat from where the water taxi lets us off, is about a 10-15 minute walk (this largely depends on if Kindy is with me). Both yesterday and today, two different men asked me if I wanted a ride. Of course I took it. There are so many people walking, and they ask me for a ride? I guess I kind of stand out and they all want to be my friend. They already know where I live. I don’t have to tell them where to go. This is a wonderful place and I know all my friends will want to visit here soon.

We had tuna and rice tonight for dinner. It was… well… I ate it all. Angie fixed it and told me that if I was careful with my words, I could offer constructive criticism. I chose to just eat it all. Kyndal wasn’t so kind with her words and chose to not eat. Braden ate about half and promised that he really liked it and was just full (I did notice he drank a glass of imported chocolate milk right after that. I didn’t notice if Angie cleared her plate or not. I really did like the dinner. It is a bit of adjustment to cook food you don’t really know how to cook. We thought we could just ease into it, by using our wok for a couple of weeks. Our electric wok took up so much space in our trunks and we burned it up on our first meal. We had a voltage adaptor, but it wasn’t rated for that much wattage… I had always heard that as long as you don’t let the smoke out of the electronics, they will keep working. Well the smoke came out of our transformer, the wall and everywhere else. It was really kind of funny.

We went swimming again tonight and met more friends. Braden is writing each friend on his calendar. It is 9:30 pm here when I am writing this and it is 11:30 am in Texas and Oklahoma. We are tired and ready to go to bed, but there is a high powered soccer game going on with some kids behind our house. I bet we can go to sleep; we fell asleep last night while they played. Keep thinking and talking about us and we will keep you posted. Thanks for reading our blog.



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