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Rest for some.

Today was a nice day of rest for some of our family. Today is Saturday so Angie and I were able to sleep until 8:00AM this morning. It was great. The kids got up earlier as it is their usual routine. We have our family meetings on Saturday mornings. It was a great time of dedicated fellowship with one another. We love the opportunity to learn more about each other and focus our lives to head in the same direction. We sang, read, prayed and grew together. After lunch, the girls ventured to the main island to shop for some clothes for Kindy. I fell asleep on the couch and Braden build houses out of dominoes and shot them down with his dart gun. Guess now you know who got some rest. ;-).

The girls came back with only one shirt for K. Mom was not happy with the results. She said there were no stores with Kyndal's sizes. Ughh. So frustrating. If Kyndal would stop growing, we wouldn't have to keep buying her clothes.

Later, Braden and I played football in the street and visited with the neighbors. When Angie got home, she made pasta. It was so good. After dinner, Braden and I went and got haircuts and the girls did the dishes. Nasha came while we were gone and is still here working on a school project.

So I guess we are ready to tackle another week. Here we go…



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