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Super Tired.

Our coaching clinic was awesome. It was so much fun to watch my island friends accept and appreciate my American friends. Props to the coaches and players that came to the clinic. The American coaches taught PE classes in the sun and heat and then did the clinic at night. I think each of them lost about 20 pounds just from sweating. I was able to meet a whole new group of people through this clinic. I feel we are on a great stride and have a good team to move forward to begin our children’s basketball league in February. I hope I can round up another group of coaches and players that will help me kick off the league. The parents and teachers gave the coaches a certificate of thank you on the last night of camp. The night before the group left, we were invited to an islander home for dinner. This was cool for the group to experience the culture and really kind of my new friend Geela. Geela is a supervisor at the school and is very interested in helping with the league. We had lots of late nights and early mornings. I’m just flat tired and a little sick. My throat hurts and I feel like I have a little fever. I think Im just tired. I have not had time to look at all the pics but I thought I would put up a couple or eight. Take a peek.

Other stuff….

I got my hair cut today. That was fun.

I cleaned the house. That wasnt as much fun. I’m back in my home by myself. David was staying with me until the 26th and then one of the coaches stayed with me until today. Did I mention I am tired?

Got a lot of work to do in the next couple of days to get ready for my next tourist group.

It’s 10pm. I’m going to bed. Got to get up early in the morning and watch the Red Raiders knock off number 1. Oh the blessing of a slingbox!!

Good night.


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