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Track Meet

Earlier this month one of my running friends invited me to run a 5K race with him on the main island. In the states, these are called 5K runs… Anyway, this was a race. So a couple of days ago I asked him where the race start was and he said, “the track.” I said, “oh I see, and where does the race end?” He said, “the track.” It was at this point I realized this was a 5000 meter race, not a 5K fun run. I told him that running really hard and really fast was not my game anymore, but I would be there to support him all the way.

Well last night we took the family over to the big race. We were there at 5:30pm as instructed. As usual, things were running a little bit behind, and the 5000 meter race wouldnt start until 8:30pm. So we ate dinner, and returned to the race. There were only 4 competitors in the 5000 meter race and I assure you that if I had been the 5th, I would have placed 5th. These guys were not out for a fun run. My friend is only 18 and ran against the countries fastest guys and placed 4th. His time was 20 min. I would have been about 4 or 5 minutes behind him. He did really good and it was lots of fun.

Angie took the Christmas tree and lights down yesterday. Our living room looks normal again. The kids are out of school for a long holiday. I keep asking them if they are ready to start back, and they say, “No!” School is fun, but hey, who doesnt love a break?

This morning, I went running with my friend Rizny. This was our first time to run together. It was fun.

Ok, this post is kind of boring, I will ask the kids if they would make the next post of what all they got for Christmas. I’m sure you would rather read that.



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