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One of the amazing things about working in a non-profit is the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. Not only do we serve some of the most resilient and inspiring people on the planet, the forced diaspora population, but working alongside volunteers and generous donors has us truly living in the sweet spot of life.

Stan and Christy are two of those amazing volunteers and donors. They acquired numerous Amtrak points over the years and chose to redirect some of theirs our way. They booked us first class tickets for an Amtrak trip from Tucson to Seattle via LA. What a gift! We’ve been wanting to take a train trip on Amtrak for years. The only other train trip we’ve taken was in Sri Lanka.

You can imagine how bummed we were to wake up, on the day we were supposed to drive from Phoenix to Tucson to catch the train, to an email that announced our train from Tucson to LA was canceled. 😢

Because the leg from LA to Seattle was still a go, we used some Southwest Airline points and hopped a quick flight to LA.

We spent the night in downtown LA and walked to Union Station just in time to catch train 14 northbound. We got this cool little closet with two seats that convert into beds. We’ve got the Pacific Ocean on our left and a beautiful landscape of mountains on our right.

As Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t slow down and look around, you might just miss it.“ The Amtrak is a great way to slow down.


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