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Skype is good!

Angie woke me up early this morning and said, “We have to go log on to skype, our families are waiting.” Well it was true. Right on time everybody was calling all at once and kind of freaking out my computer. It was a lot of fun. We discovered that we need to designate a time for kids and no kids. Our kids talked a hundred miles an hour about details that are hard to communicate over the free internet service. I cannot complain as it was great to see our families live on the webcam and hear their voices. I will go ahead and say they enjoyed it too. It was kind of late for them, but that didn’t stop Justin. He was ready to chat, laugh and gave out a lot of kisses. We talked with Amy, Patrick, Caleb and Nate in Arizona. We talked with Mamaw, Pawpaw, Nana, Becky and Justin in Texas. I chatted with Buddy in California and Matt in somewhere… I cant really remember where he is right now, but I know its not at home.

We jumped out in the ocean while you guys were sleeping and I cut my foot on some coral. I didn’t think it was any big deal as we played football with some new kids. It was fun teaching them how to throw the football. Well, when I got out of the ocean, my foot just kept on bleeding. It was crazy. I cleaned, medicated, bandaged and bled through the bandage. I repeated the process three times over about a 2 hour period. It finally quit bleeding as long as I kept my foot above my heart. (That was kind of funny to watch too.) When I got up and walked around, it would bleed through the bandage and had to repeat the process over again. One of my friends came to my house and said, “Just put some coffee on it. That will stop the bleeding.” I tried it and it did nothing but burn. As I am writing this, it is holding pretty good. It will be fine, just one more thing.

We had some visitors come to the house tonight. It was really cool because we didn’t invite them, they just came to the door. It was a lady and 3 kids. Angie spent some time talking with our new friends and Brado and Kindy where playing with the kids. Braden gave the little boy one of his cars. It was so cool and I was so proud of him.

Overall it was a pretty good day. It was Friday so the place was crawling with people and it was a great day for relationship building. We loved it. It only rained really early this morning, so it was nice most of the day.



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