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Turning Green

I didn’t grow up in a military family or knowing any of the lingo so when Kyndal told me that Kevin would be turning green in December, I wasn’t sure what that meant. Kevin (Kyndal’s boyfriend) enlisted in the Army in September and went to boot camp at Ft. Benning, GA in October. As it turns out, turning green is a good thing. Kevin graduated from boot camp this weekend and turning green was the becoming of a soldier. Kevin has demonstrated all the qualifications to be a US Soldier.

Kyndal and I flew out to Georgia to watch the ceremony and support Kevin. Kevin’s family was unable to attend so he asked me to place his Army patch on his shoulder during the ceremony. What an honor!! Kevin’s father passed away when he was little and it truly was an honor to stand face to face with Kevin and tell him how proud I was of him. I wish his father could’ve seen the brave, strong, dedicated and faithful man that was looking me in the eyes. I must admit, I could barely see through my own tears. I could still see the little boy in his eyes. His longing to be loved. His desire to be a man and finish strong. I could sense his relief that people that loved him and knew him were standing with in him in that moment. I proudly placed that hard earned badge on his left arm. The badge that separates boys from men, the badge that says “I am an American Soldier.” It was all so powerful and hard to put into words. There’s something about the willingness to unselfishly lay down your life for your countrymen. I was surrounded by almost 200 men that had made that commitment and Kevin was one of those men. I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of his life and I look forward to see how God will continue His great work in Kevin.

After the ceremony, we got to spend the weekend with him. Late nights, meals, coffee and just hanging out gave me a front row seat to Kyndal and Kevin’s relationship. Again, so much to be thankful for.

I made a short iMovie video of a few clips from the weekend. I hope you enjoy it. After watching it, would you say a prayer for Kevin? He is now starting the remaining weeks of his training and welcomes your prayers. Pray for strength, endurance and opportunities to lead his fellow soldiers in faith.



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