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Yeah Garmin!

Several months ago, I went swimming with my GPS watch…. what an idiot huh? Well, I sent it in and its all fixed. I took it for a little test run tonight…. right on the money. It’s 6 miles from our house over to my sister’s house (sorry I didnt stop in sis…. i was in the zone) passed my parent’s house and back to our house. I’m such a dork, but running is so much more fun when you know how fast and how far you are running.

Haircuts…. Brado and I went got our hair cut today. I paid $20 for both of us…. I feel like I got ripped off. They guy on my island where I live charges me 20 ruffiya ($1.56) for both Braden and I…. and I like his work better. He uses a real razor on my neck…. however his hair cut joint is not AC, smells kind of bad and the reading material isnt that great.



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